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Carved Glass Quality shows in the artistic details... Welcome, take a good look around, we think you'll discover why our hand carved glass art is chosen to enhance the world's most luxurious environments.


Carved Glass Art


Custom Carved Glass

A Carved Glass Artist needs to be exactly that - an Artist... Carved glass artist Randy Mardrus has been creating art his entire life and started Permanent Reflections Studio in 1987. With his natural talent, passion and experience, he will create your carved glass masterpiece, exclusively designed for you. It'll be all handmade using meticulous sand carving techniques, starting with original sketches from your ideas, even if they're very vague.

This video is about Randy, how he got started and what sets his work apart...

"There are no shortcuts taken, when it's done right"

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Carved Glass is similar to Etched Glass in that they're both sandblasted glass - There are some major differences though. Etched glass is frosted on the surface, while carved glass art is etched deep into the glass. The glass carving process takes much more time and demands meticulous patience by the glass artist, slowly creating deep relief sculpture and stunning three dimensional art.

Illuminated Carved Glass is a beautiful combination. The deep sculpted glass, edge lit with LED lighting shows every highlight and shadow while the glass carving detail comes to life with amazing depth and vibrant color.

"Carved Glass & Etched Glass for Those Who Desire the Extraordinary."

Enhance your surroundings with the ultimate in elegance...

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Carved Glass Company known for glass carving and deep etched glass art, architectural interior design edge lit glass art and illuminated carved glass panels. Custom sandblasted glass art commissioned and sand carved glass, designed for wall art, railings, partitions, signs, windows, doors, mirrors, art deco, headboards, table tops, sculpted deep relief glass and sculpture. The finest hand carved art glass by master craftsmen Randy Mardrus.